702 nm (2005)

Alternative Title: The Frequency of Red

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Synopsis: Set in a future in which the world has become completely red and its inhabitants have never seen any color other then different shades of red. The main character Tom finds an object which has retained its natural color and this liberates his mind as well as causes discourse with his mate Ann. The film pays homage to the great films of this Genre including 'THX 1138' directed by George Lucas, '1984' directed by Michael Radford, and especially Francois Truffaut's 'Farenheit 451'.


Prescience Films

Unapologetic Films

A Film by Daniel McCabe

Cast: Olivia Adams-  Girl with Marbles

Matt Harper-  Tom Iota Theta

Amber Naresh- Ann Beta Upsilon

David Robertson-  Bill Theta Chi

Greg Suares-  City Controller

Allen Boudreaux- Consult

Lindsey Mayo- Hallway Citizen

Barbi Broadus-  Hallway Citizen

Assistant Director: Allen Boudreaux

Produced by Daniel McCabe and Allen Boudreaux

Story: Daniel McCabe and Allen Boudreaux

Sound: Allen Boudreaux

Special Effects: Daniel McCabe and Allen Boudreaux

Associate Producers:

       Courtney Nixon-June

Crystal Dreisbach

Ben Wycherly

Acting Consultant: Barbi Broadus


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    Best Short Drama Outhouse Film Festival 2005

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Outhouse Film Festival 2005http://www.myspace.com/outhousefilmfest
The Atlanta Underground Film Festival 2006http://auff.org/home.html
New Orleans Film Festival 2005http://neworleansfilmsociety.org/
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