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1/20/13 Happy New Year!  Okay so it has been three weeks since the new year.  So work at Prescience Films is very active.  I have finished the 3rd draft of my next movie which at this point is simply titled “Beach Movie”.  Not sure of the title as of yet.  But, my good friends and collaborators Nick Karner, and Maria Almond have received copies of the script and hopefully will be giving me feedback so I can begin making the script even better.  Then I will send it to other collaborators to get their feed back.

On Eve and Emily news the movie is currently being Color Corrected by Luz Carasa, the sound is being mixed by Evan Gandy and Rueben Betts is doing some special effects work.  I am looking forward to seeing the finished work of all of these talented folks.  I read a great article in Movie Maker Magazine on Self distribution Video On Demand options out there.  So I am looking forward to investigating that as potential platforms for Eve and Emily when it is finished and has had it’s festival run however long that is. 

Thats all for now.