Eve and Emily (In Progress)


A chamber film, taking place over the course of 12 hours in a house in Hood River, Oregon.  A middle-aged couple, Eve and John, invite a younger couple, Paul and Emily, over for dinner.  Eve is the owner of a successful law firm and Paul is her new associate lawyer.  She hopes to get to know Paul and his wife, Emily, better over the course of this dinner party. 

Filmmakers hope to create a film in the style of Ingmar Bergman.  Inspired by films such as: “The Passion of Anna(1969),” “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?(1966),” and “Scenes From a Marriage(1973)”.


Currently in Post-Production


Prescience Films

A Film by Daniel McCabe

Co Producers: Nick Karner, Reuben Betts


    Eve: Jan Brehm

    Emily: Cait Powers

    Paul: Adam Davis

    John: David Withers

Script Advisors: Maria Almond, Nick Karner



First Assistant Director: Nick Karner

Production Sound Mixer: Evan Gandy

Gaffer: Brooke Budy

First Assistant Camera: Reuben Betts

Second Assistant Camera: Galin Mcmahon