Losses Versions A & B (2007)



Losses, filmed entirely in downtown Durham NC, attempts to discuss the abstract questions “What is self?” and “Where is self?” through the story of a man alone in a hotel who is lost in the maintenance of his physical body, and ultimately has a fateful physical encounter with a woman he meets in the hotel bar in Version A of the film, and an encounter with a man in Version B.


Prescience Films

A Daniel McCabe Film


Nick Karner-  You

Regan Deal-  Succubus

Myles Scott-  Incubus

Alex Spessot-  Woman

Steven Vas-  Brother


Cliff Magness

Egan Orourke

Crystal Dreisbach


Pinwheel Film Festival 2008http://www.ncsu.edu/cinema/pinwheel/

The Big Damn Film Festival Cincinnati 2007

Indie Can Film Festival 2007http://www.indiecanfilmfestival.com/

Director’s Statement

Losses is a film that is based upon a short story in which a man struggles to discover why he makes the decisions he makes, and what part of "himself" makes those decisions.  All along he believes that there must be some central self at the controls (so to speak), and that if he can just get to the central self he will have the answer to all of his problems and truly know what is the right decision.  This all as he steadily moves towards making a decision which will ultimately destroy him and one that is based purely on Lust.  The film version of this story is presented in a much more abstract manner and open to multiple audience interpretations.  There are two versions of this film.  One in which the man encounters an attractive woman in a bar and has sex with, and one in which he encounters an attractive man in a bar and has sex with.