Robert 39 (2008)


Set 400 years from now what is left of society after the “Great Collapse” turns to cloning to sustain the human population.  Robert 38 the 38th clone generation of the esteemed Robert line of clones faces his own extinction as he prepares to participate in the introduction of Robert 39, his replacement.  The replacement of a clone involves rituals but also tests to ensure that the new clone replacement is stable and learns the lessons that make his line unique.  Robert 38 is ambivalent about his own life and what he has produced, and has been experiencing strange dreams as his unconscious explores this ambivalence.  He does not know that despite his feelings of isolation and hopelessness however, he is not alone in the world and a small amount of love is possible in this seemingly hopeless dystopia.


Prescience Films

Zoning Media

A Daniel McCabe Film


Brian Young- Robert 38 and 39

Rebecca McElyea-  Katherine 25

Nick Karner-  Julian 28 and 29

City Computer-  Regan Deal

Virginia Capehart-  Girl 1

Camille Capehart-  Girl 2

Alexander Renrak-  Stanley 32

Craig Chepke-  City Escort 1

Steven Vas-  City Escort 2

Randy Bernard-  City Escort 3

Rebecca Karner-  Leslie 35

Shelley Stone-  Pleasant Images

Cliff Magness-  City Citizen

Monica Slubicki-  City Citizen


Daniel McCabe

Aravind Ragupathi


Aravind Ragupathi

Associate Producers:

Cliff Magness

Nick Karner


Laurelin Tate

Randy Bernard

Patrick Giovinazzo

Cliff Magness

Nick Karner

Boom Operator:  Egan Orourke

Makeup/Hair:  Latoya of



East Carolina Film Festival 2009
Heart of England International Film Festival 2009
Reno Film Festival 2009
Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival 2010
Outhouse Film Festival 2009


East Carolina Film Festival:

Grand Prize Best Short

Outhouse Film Festival:

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Silver Outhouse Best Drama

Heart of England International Film Festival:

Tammie Award Winner for Best Film under 60 Minutes

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Public Screenings:

Fall 2008 Premier Event: Open Eye Cafe, Carrboro,    

    North Carolina

Spring 2010

    Columbia Gorge Community College, Hood River,  


    Shown in conjunction with short film; Fixing Melissa

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