The Boor (2011)

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The Boor a one act play written by Anton Chekhov in 1888.  The play is also translated as “The Bear”.  Chekhov wrote this satirical play poking fun at the debate going on in the late 19th century concerning equality for women. 

This production of this one-act play was staged at

                                                      as part of a night of one-act plays by first time stage directors.  The whole program was called Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.


Columbia Center for the Arts & CAST presents


    Rueben Betts- Smirnov

    Megan Farrell- Mrs. Popov

    Kat Campbell- Luka

Director: Daniel McCabe

Production Crew:

    Lighting Design:

        John Metta

        Kathy Crow

        Andy Bell

    Production Coordinator: Marti Kantola

    Make-up: Mary Lively

    Stage Managers:

        Adrian Chaton

        Desiree Lexa

        Harlan Daniels

    Costumes:  Julie Raefield-Gobbo

    Photography:  Chris Smith

    Publicity and Program:  Catherine Butler

    Ad Sales: Gary and Barbara Young

    House Manager: Cindy Allen


The Columbia Center for the Arts

Actor’s Biography:

Directors Statement:  Daniel McCabe

Since I have never directed a play before I felt that I wanted to start with something that could be considered foundational.  So I sought out one act plays classic play writes.  I considered multiple plays by August Strindberg (Ingmar Bergman’s inspiration).  Ultimately I found this one act play by Chekhov.  My feeling is that if you are learning about something you should start with the classics.

Reuben Betts has been performing and singing since middle school.  Some of his roles have included Danny Zuko in Grease, Prince Vulture in Blind Princess, Mr. Gibbs in Off the Map, and Charlie Baker in The Foreigner.  He graduated from the Art Institute of Portland with a Media Arts and Animation degree in 2006.  For the past four years he as worked as a 3D designer and draftsman at Power Design Inc.  In 2010 he became a parent, with his wife Shirlyn, to Evelyn Grace Betts.  When he is not busy with family or work he loves to spend time working on his own film projects.

Megan Farrell as Popov began her acting career as a child actor at Mill A School.  She then moved on to the Doghouse Theatre Company at Stevenson High School, appearing as Emily in “Our Town” and Kate Nickleby in “Nicholas Nickleby.”  Her last performance was in CAST’s “All in the Timing” several years ago, in a short play called “The Universal Language.”  More recent acting experience includes “doing the voices” during read-alouds in her third grade classroom.  She is excited to be back on the stage with “The Boor.”

Kat Campbell as Luka:  Am I comfortable on stage?  No, but when the lights are hitting my eyes and I pretend that everyone in the audience is naked, I make it through.  As a kid I was in many plays including, The Wizard of Oz and Grease.  I’ve always found my niche in characters who are outlandish and rather odd.  I’m nourished as a seed of the theatre by the other actors, transformed into a budding tree by the director and lose my leaves in front of an audience.

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