Synopsis: Paul and Sarah are two low level technicians on the deep space exploration ship, The Eurydice. When it explodes they find themselves the only two survivors on an escape pod designed for one. They have an unlimited supply of air, water, and food but have no hope of rescue. How can they survive together in such a small space? How long can they survive, and why should they try? Hell truly is other people.

The Pod is a truly unique film unlike any other. It takes place in deep, infinite, silent space in a box the size of a large coffin. The film includes dream sequences, delirium, monologues, and exposure to the blunt truth of daily human existence. There are scenes of improvisation and scripted scenes side by side. What sets it apart from other films of this type is that the characters are not facing any sort of external threat to their survival. There is no threat of running out of air, water, or heat. They are not drifting into a black hole. There is no reason they can't live forever in the pod. The only conflict they have to deal with is each other. Sartre would be proud.

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Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival 2010

The Pod (2010)


Prescience Films

Prank Films

A Daniel McCabe and Nick Karner Film


Nick Karner-  Paul

Jess Jones- Sarah

Susie Fisher- Computer Voice

Regan Deal- Woman on Screen


Daniel McCabe

Nick Karner


Brian Young

Nick Karner

     Scott Young

Pod Set Design and Construction:

      Curtis Jones

Pod Model Design and Construction:

       Matthew MacMurray

Makeup/Hair:  Latoya of

Public Screenings:

7/2010 Public Screening and Premier at the

                                                in Hood River, Oregon USA

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Production Photos:

Columbia Center for the Arts